Stones vs. Wood

Finally. I’ve got a job to do other than being the helper. I don’t mind helping, but come on! I don’t want my brother and the hubs to do all the fun stuff. It’s not as satisfying when I’m just sitting around holding and handing over things.

So, I’ve taken on the job of sanding the kitchen cabinet doors & drawers. The plan is to refinish and stain them the same color as the hardwood floors.

First I started out with a palm sander and rough sandpaper to try get all the grime and polyurethane off. Everything was going fine until I got to the grime. It was so thick that it gummed up the sandpaper real quick. I needed to scrape it off with something before sanding.

At first all I could find was a plastic knife. It did a decent job, but didn’t remove enough grime. Then I tried a putty knife/scraper. That turned out to be worse than the plastic knife. During a trip to the home improvement store, I picked up a brass bristled brush. I also got one of the steel brushes we bought previously for last weekend’s plumbing snafu. These did the trick and I was able to get on with the sanding.

The flat area in the middle of the doors were easy enough to do with the palm sander. I was also able to rough up the edges a bit to get most of the poly off. I wasn’t so lucky with the area between them though. These I had to sand them by hand.

I was off to a slow start. When I got time a couple days ago, I did a little here and there and finished four small doors. Today I did three large doors. Doesn’t seem like much, but I am still proud of what I’ve done so far. There’s still so much more to do with these doors, but I’m hoping when I’m done, they’ll be awesome.

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