It’s electric! Boogie, woogie, woogie!

During the floor sanding and finishing debacle, we brought in a couple electricians to upgrade our breaker box. It cost us a huge chunk of our funds, but it was worth it. We had breakers tripping left and right. We could not have more than one appliance plugged in at once. Not even small ones.

Imagine. A 2700 square foot house with a breaker box that looks like this. My friends would ask,

“What is that? An electrical box.. FOR ANTS?!”

What we also learned was that whoever wired the house, was crazy. No breaker belonged to just one room. No room belonged to just one breaker. Confused? We STILL are. Let me see if I can give you an example.

Two outlets in our family room shared a breaker with two outlets in the basement bedroom, half the basement bath, and the bigger of the two storage rooms. Luckily for us (har har), that storage room housed the breaker box. So when that tripped, which it did a lot before the upgrage, we needed to bring in a flashlight to find the switch. The other half of all those rooms are on another breaker.. or two.

Are you shaking your head? If not, you should be. The entire house is wired that way!!

We could not hold off on that any longer, so I called the electricians. Our awesome realtors recommended Rob & Rob of Solid Ground Electrical Inc. to us for the job. These guys were great! When I called them to explain the job at hand, they didn’t ask questions. Just set up an appointment to take a look at the work needed. At first, I thought there was only one Rob, but when they showed up there were two.

Their first visit was to assess the work. They called that morning and asked if they could come early because the previous job finished faster than they expected. Of course, we accepted. They arrived, were very friendly and quite humorous. They spoke with the hubs about what they’d do, how they would do it, and how long it should take. They gave him the quote and scheduled a day for them to do the work.

We’ve had a few quotes and were expecting to pay over $3K for the work, but these guys quoted us at half of that. And let me tell you, they stuck to their word. When we got the bill, after the work was complete, it was what they quoted plus tax.

They got straight to work when they came back a couple days later. Working hard, they were up and down and all over the house. One Rob spent most of the day in our basement storage working with nothing more than a flashlight to light his way. The other Rob was working out on our “stair master” while running up and down the stairs to take care of the rest. At one point I was laughing because they were yelling to each other through a hole in the wall while one was in the basement and the other was upstairs, outside.

They even caught me telling my brother and SIL what was going on and I hear, “I can hear you, you know!”. Of course, we couldn’t help but crack up. Rob & Rob did an awesome job. They stayed well past 5PM and didn’t rush it just so they could leave. One Rob didn’t even stop to have lunch (which I feel awful about) while the other Rob ate a quick snack in his truck. They took our ant breaker box and replaced it with this huge monster.

Gorgeous. Yes? It looks almost like a sentinel with those new wire covers. And I think the house is happier.

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