Sanding the Boy’s Room

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The floor damage in this room is pretty bad. These photos are taken after a couple hours of sanding.

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Mr. Sandman

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I got some photos of the living room floors as they are now, and hopefully have something next week that we can look at and go “omg those are the same floors?”

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Hello House!

We’ve decided to put up a blog to keep track of all the various projects and renovations we’ll be doing to the house we just bought. Ideally we would have posted our first walk through, but in our excitement we totally forgot.

We signed the papers a week ago (March 28th), and our realtor dropped the keys off a couple days later, and since then it’s been a flurry of activity (by “activity” I mean “lots of wandering around the new house in a daze).

We brought the kids up on Saturday, along with a small tv, a dvd player, an area rug and a box of legos. The kids loved it. We also bought a new kitchen faucet, some lightswitch and outlet plates, a bunch of CFL bulbs, replacement shower heads and toilet seats.

The house will slowly become home.

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